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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

trying this pattern

i am just starting the pattern "sophie" (it's a purse) for my aunt for x-mas. here's the pattern: http://www.magknits.com/warm04/patterns/sophie.htm
so far, so good. i am positively impressed by the lack of "waste yarn." it's one of those knit-the-bottom of the bag, then pick up stitches around the sides and knit the whole bag, sans seams, from the bottom up. i like those types of patterns, since they
A) make nicely shaped bags
B) are realitvely easy

but most of them have you knit a few rows of garter sts in waste yarn, then when you've finished the bottom of the bag and are ready to pick up stitches around the sides, you are supposed to remove the waste yarn and pick up the "live" sts on that side.

it works, but is a bit of a pain.

this fine pattern has you simply pick up and knit along each side. very simple. i may never use waste yarn again.

i'm working in cascade 220, color 8010, which is a nice off-white, and am going to add in some nice, brightly colored novelty yarn- the type that is little squares on string, changes color- got it in the one spot at target. hope i have enough. i bought it a while ago and the yarn they had is long gone. my aunt likes bold colors, i was told, so hopefully she will like this purse.


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