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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Finished two things last night!

Well, the "Sophie" bag is finally finished, just have to felt it now. I managed to squeak by with just enough beige yarn (after the addition of the green stripes!) and I used up all of the target novelty yarn, so I added a fringe-y top stripe of purple eyelash yarn.

I think it turned out nicely, and am anxious to see how it felts. This is my second experience with cascade 220, and the first bag I made with it was quite successful- it felts wonderfully.

Unlike the brown sheep yarn I used for the evening bag X-mas present, which just won't felt down as far as I want it to. I've washed it probably 6 times and I can still see stitches. grr. It will go in the washer with this one.

I also finished up the baby hat- two pictures- a almost finished pic, then a finished one, with it's little multi-colored stem! It's very soft and fuzzy. Hopefully it will fit Kate's baby when it needs a warm fuzzy hat, not, say, in the middle of summer.


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